Apple’s Extended Satellite-Based Emergency Services: Enhancing Safety for iPhone 14 Users

Apple has taken a significant step towards ensuring user safety by announcing an extension of the complimentary access to Emergency SOS via satellite. This service will be extended for an additional year and is exclusively available to existing iPhone 14 users. 

The Emergency SOS service is known for its vital role in saving lives globally. It has been instrumental in various scenarios, such as aiding users involved in car accidents or navigating through remote terrains while hiking. The satellite-based service allows users to contact emergency services even when there is no cellular signal available.

With this extension, iPhone 14 users can rest assured that they have access to help in case of an emergency, regardless of their location. The feature is easy to access, and users can activate it by pressing the side button and either volume button simultaneously. 

This extended offer is a testament to Apple’s commitment to user safety and is a welcome move for iPhone 14 users who value their safety while using their devices.

A Lifesaving Initiative

Apple’s dedication to improving user safety goes beyond traditional connectivity, as evidenced by the extension of their services. One notable example is the recent introduction of Roadside Assistance via satellite, a ground-breaking feature that allows users to connect seamlessly with AAA in areas without cellular or Wi-Fi coverage. This service provides an added layer of security, ensuring that users can access help when stranded in remote locations. This innovation demonstrates Apple’s commitment to expanding their services and improving user safety through cutting-edge technology.

Comprehensive Safety Features

Apple has taken several measures to ensure its users’ safety through its suite of safety features that go beyond just Emergency SOS via satellite. For instance, with functionalities like Find My, users can track their devices and even locate family and friends. Additionally, the Crash Detection feature can detect vehicular crashes and alert emergency services, while the Check-In feature enables users to instantly share their location with emergency contacts. All these features work together to create a comprehensive safety net within the iOS ecosystem, providing users with peace of mind in case of any emergency.

Key Updates and Provisions

If you are an iPhone 14 user who activated your device in a country that supports Emergency SOS via satellite before 12 a.m. PT on November 15, 2023, you can take advantage of an extended free trial. To confirm the availability of this feature, visit Additionally, if you have a new activation of certain iPhone models, including the iPhone 14 and the latest iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro series, you can enjoy a two-year complimentary Roadside Assistance service via satellite, which is a collaboration with AAA. Please note that iOS 17 is required for the seamless functionality of this satellite service.

Considerations and Accessibility

This new feature is a big step in keeping people safe. However, it’s important to know that some roadside assistance services offered by AAA may cost extra for people who are not members. But, if you’re not a member, you can still use pay-per-use access to Roadside Assistance through satellite, which will give you access to AAA’s services when you need them. 

The Check-In feature is part of Apple’s safety package and is available to anyone with iOS 17 or newer. It’s an extra layer of security and gives peace of mind. 

Apple is committed to using technology to keep people safe, and this extension is an example of that dedication. It not only addresses immediate safety concerns but also sets an example for using technology to protect people in unexpected situations. 

This improvement in user safety aligns with Apple’s goal of creating innovative and user-friendly solutions, making the iOS system a leader in advanced safety features for its users.

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