iOS 17.2 – Beta 1 Features and Updates

After the major iOS 17 and iOS 17.1 updates, Apple released the long-awaited iOS 17.2 Beta 1, which has a lot of new features and improvements. In this detailed summary, we look at the most important parts of iOS 17.2 Beta 1, giving you a full picture of the new features that make this release remarkable.

Journal App

iOS 17.2 Beta 1 adds the Journal app, a feature meant to catch the spirit of your daily life, as a way to make things more personal. In addition to possible tips for extra motivation, you can now record actions and thoughts without any problems. With support for pictures, voice records, and location tags, the app is a complete tool for keeping your memories safe.

Messages App Sticker Tapback Reactions

Sticker Tapback Reactions have been added to the Messages app in iOS 17.2 Beta 1, which makes conversations better. You can now reply with colorful stickers by long-pressing on chat boxes. This is a quick alternative to the old tapback replies. This tool gives you more ways to be vocal in your messages, letting you show how you feel in a creative way.

Collaborative Apple Music Playlists

iOS 17.2 Beta 1 lets you make Collaborative Apple Music Playlists, which is a big step forward in how people share music. This feature lets more than one person add to a shared playlist, which makes listening to music together more fun. Music discovery can become a shared adventure when people add their favorite songs to the mix through a link or a QR code.

Favorites Apple Music Playlist

The Favorites Apple Music Playlist in iOS 17.2 Beta 1 makes it easier to organize your music. When your favorite songs are in Apple Music, those songs are automatically put together in a special playlist. This gives you a hand-picked collection of their favorite songs.

Apple Music Listening History Focus Filter

The Apple Music Listening History Focus Filter is new in iOS 17.2 Beta 1. It was made because people want more personalized music experiences. This feature lets you decide how the music they choose affects suggestions. This is especially helpful when people are using the same device to listen to music together.

Action Button Translate

When iOS 17.2 Beta 1 comes out, the Translate choice in the Action Button puts language translation front and center. This feature, which is only available on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max, lets spoken text be translated between set languages. This makes conversation easier in places where people speak different languages.

iMessage Contact Key Verification

In a time when internet safety is very important, iOS 17.2 Beta 1 adds more safety features with the iMessage Contact Key Verification. This tool, which was made for people who are a high risk, gives an extra layer of name verification during talks by using Contact Verification Codes.

Messages in iCloud Syncing

To make texting easier, iOS 17.2 Beta 1 changed the name of the iCloud area that was called “Messages” to “Messages in iCloud.” You can now see how much storage they have, how many messages have been shared, and when the last sync was. The “Sync Now” button makes it easy to force an update.

Apple TV App

To improve the user experience, iOS 17.2 Beta 1 gets rid of the different tabs for Movies and TV Shows in the Store part of the Apple TV app. It is said that the TV app will be redesigned soon, and this change will make it easier to find programming.

Emergency Alerts Local Awareness

Because correct information is so important in an emergency, iOS 17.2 Beta 1 adds the “Local Awareness” choice for emergency messages. This feature improves the accuracy and dependability of emergency messages by using general location data. This makes sure that you get important information that is special to their location.

Weather Widgets

iOS 17.2 Beta 1 adds new Weather Widgets, such as Details, Daily Forecast, and Sunrise/Sunset, making the widget environment more varied. The Details tool shows more detailed data, like the amount of rain, UV index, wind speed, and air quality. The Daily Forecast widget gives you a quick look at the weather that’s coming up, and the Sunrise/Sunset widget shows you the times that the sun rises and sets every day.

Digital Clock Widget

A new Digital Clock app for both the Home and Lock Screens is part of iOS 17.2 Beta 1. It makes device screens look more stylish. This widget can be changed to fit your needs and makes your device look better while you quickly check the time.

Contact Posters

You can now choose rainbow-colored text for names in Contact Posters in iOS 17.2 Beta 1. This will add some color to your contacts. This small but nice change makes your contact list feel more like it was made just for you.

Books Page Turning Animation

For book lovers, iOS 17.2 Beta 1 adds the “Fast Fade” choice to the Books app’s motion for moving pages. This small but important change improves the reading experience by adding a smooth shift and getting rid of the icon to quickly move through the text.


The “AirPlay Receiver” setting for the Apple Vision Pro headset is now part of iOS 17.2 Beta 1. This makes it easier to share more material. With this feature, you can easily watch or share material on your iPhone, which opens up new ways to have engaging and shared experiences.


iOS 17.2 Beta 1 adds a new “Body” area for customizing Memoji, which takes customization to a whole new level. You can now fine-tune portions of their virtual selves, like their hips, bust, shoulders, and arms. This makes the results more exact.

News App

For people who are big on news, iOS 17.2 Beta 1 makes the News app a lot better by adding Live Activities. This tool lets you keep up with events that are happening right now, like elections. This makes reading the news more interesting and lively.

Additional iOS 17.2 Beta 1 Features:

In addition to the things we’ve already talked about, iOS 17.2 Beta 1 has a lot of other changes across the board, from better speed to better user experiences. These small but important changes make the whole experience easier and more fun for you.


Finally, iOS 17.2 Beta 1 shows that Apple is dedicated to new ideas and designing products with users in mind. This update claims to take the iOS experience to a whole new level by adding a wide range of features for personalizing, connection, fun, and safety.

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