iOS 17: What’s New for iPhone Users

Welcome to the world of iOS 17, the latest update for iPhone users that promises a fresh and enhanced user experience. Released in September 2023, iOS 17 introduces a wide range of features and improvements designed to enhance your daily interactions with your iPhone. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll dive deep into the standout features of iOS 17 and explore everything you need to know about this significant update.

 iOS 17 Versions and Updates

iOS VersionChangeLog
iOS 17.0.1Critical security patches to fix vulnerabilities that could be actively exploited.
iOS 17.0.2Resolved data transfer issues during the setup process for iPhone 15 owners.
iOS 17.0.3Addressed overheating problems for iPhone 15 Pro owners.
Upcoming UpdatesExpect more updates, ranging from bug fixes to exciting new features.

iOS 17 Beta Program

iOS 17.1 Beta: Smoothing Out the Edges

iOS 17.1 is currently in beta (by the time of writing), and it’s all about smoothing out the rough edges. Developers are hard at work, ensuring a seamless experience for users by eliminating early bugs and issues.

iOS 17 Device Compatibility

Supported iPhone Models

Before diving into iOS 17, make sure to check if your iPhone model is compatible. We’ll list the supported devices to help you maximize the benefits of this update.

Device ModelCompatible with iOS 17
iPhone 14 Pro MaxYes
iPhone 14 ProYes
iPhone 14Yes
iPhone 13 Pro MaxYes
iPhone 13 ProYes
iPhone 13 MiniYes
iPhone 13Yes
iPhone 12 Pro MaxYes
iPhone 12 ProYes
iPhone 12 MiniYes
iPhone 12Yes
iPhone 11 Pro MaxYes
iPhone 11 ProYes
iPhone 11Yes
iPhone SE (3rd Gen)Yes
iPhone SE (2nd Gen)Yes
iPhone SE (1st Gen)No
iPhone XRYes
iPhone XS MaxYes
iPhone XSYes
iPhone XYes
iPhone 8 PlusYes
iPhone 8Yes
iPhone 7 PlusYes
iPhone 7Yes
iPhone 6s PlusNo
iPhone 6sNo
iPhone 6 PlusNo
iPhone 6No
iPhone SENo
iPhone 5sNo
iPhone 5cNo
iPhone 5No
iPad Pro (4th Gen)Yes
iPad Pro (3rd Gen)Yes
iPad Pro (2nd Gen)Yes
iPad Pro (1st Gen)No
iPad Air (5th Gen)Yes
iPad Air (4th Gen)Yes
iPad Air (3rd Gen)No
iPad Air (2nd Gen)No
iPad Air (1st Gen)No
iPad (9th Gen)Yes
iPad (8th Gen)Yes
iPad (7th Gen)Yes
iPad (6th Gen)No
iPad (5th Gen)No
iPad Mini (6th Gen)Yes
iPad Mini (5th Gen)Yes
iPad Mini (4th Gen)No
iPad Mini (3rd Gen)No
iPad Mini (2nd Gen)No
iPad Mini (1st Gen)No
iPod Touch (7th Gen)No
iPod Touch (6th Gen)No
iPod Touch (5th Gen)No

iOS 17 Bugs and Issues

Despite the exciting array of features and improvements that iOS 17 brings to iPhone users, no software is entirely free from bugs or issues. Here are some of the common bugs and problems that have been reported by users:


Some users of the iPhone 15 Pro reported overheating issues, particularly when running resource-intensive applications or performing demanding tasks. These concerns were addressed by the iOS 17.0.3 update, which aimed to improve the device’s thermal management.

Security Flaws

Apple is committed to maintaining the security and privacy of its users. However, no system is entirely immune to vulnerabilities, and security flaws have been discovered in iOS 17. To address these concerns, Apple released updates on September 21 and October 4 to patch these vulnerabilities and enhance the overall security of iOS.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

After iOS updates, some users may encounter temporary difficulties with Wi-Fi connectivity. These issues can range from slow or unstable connections to trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks. Fortunately, many of these issues can be resolved by simply restarting the device or referring to online resources for troubleshooting Wi-Fi connections. Apple continuously works to improve Wi-Fi stability in its updates.

Standby Time Zone Issue

A minor bug reported by some users involves incorrect time zone settings in the Standby mode. In this situation, the device may not automatically adjust the time zone when the user travels to a different region. Users can address this issue by manually adjusting the clock settings when necessary.

Notable Features in iOS 17

From enhancements to phone features, messaging, FaceTime, StandBy, widgets, AirDrop, the Journal app, the keyboard, and improvements to Siri, these features are designed to enhance your overall iPhone experience.

iOS 17 Phone Features

Live Voicemail: Stay Ahead of Missed Calls

Live Voicemail is a groundbreaking feature that ensures you never miss a crucial message again. When someone leaves a voicemail, iOS 17 transcribes it in real time, providing you with a visual representation of the message. But that’s not all – Live Voicemail also includes a built-in spam call detection feature that automatically declines spam calls, helping you maintain a clutter-free call history.

Contact Posters: Personalize Your Calling Experience


In-call Controls: Convenience at Your Fingertips

In iOS 17, in-call controls have been relocated to the bottom half of the screen, ensuring easy access to essential functions while on a call. This move is aimed at improving the user experience by making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Voicemail Button: Swiftly Send Callers to Voicemail

iOS 17 streamlines the call management process with the introduction of the Voicemail button. When you need some peace, you can quickly send callers directly to voicemail, providing a seamless and efficient way to manage incoming calls.

Expanded Call History: A Deeper Look into Your Past Calls

Recently iOS 17 now offers an expanded view of your call history, allowing you to access more of your past calls at a glance. This feature helps you keep track of your communication history, making it easier to find and reference previous calls.

Separate Ringtones for Dual SIM: Enhanced Personalization

For users with dual SIM cards, iOS 17 offers the ability to set distinct ringtones for each SIM. This feature makes it easy to differentiate between calls from different numbers, enhancing personalization and call management.

Dual SIM Improvements: Tailoring Your Calling Experience

iOS 17 goes a step further in dual SIM support by allowing you to configure different ringtones per SIM. Additionally, you can choose which SIM to return unknown calls from, giving you more control over your dual SIM experience.

iOS 17 Messages: Elevating Your Conversations

Stickers: A Unified Hub for Expressive Communication

iOS 17’s Messages app brings a unified hub for various expressive elements, including Live Stickers, Memoji, Animoji, emoji stickers, and third-party sticker packs. This feature transforms your conversations, making them more engaging and enjoyable.

Search Filters: Precision in Message Retrieval

The introduction of search filters in iOS 17 takes message retrieval to a new level. You can now combine filters such as people, keywords, and content types to precisely find the messages you’re looking for, making it easier to locate specific information within your conversations.

Catch-up Arrow: Jump to Unread Messages

In group conversations, the new catch-up arrow in iOS 17 allows you to jump directly to the first unread message. This feature is particularly handy in group chats with numerous messages, ensuring that you don’t miss important updates.

Swipe to Reply: Effortless Inline Responses

iOS 17 introduces the swipe-to-reply feature, enabling you to respond to messages inline by simply swiping right on a message bubble. This intuitive gesture simplifies the process of engaging in conversations and enhances your messaging experience.

Audio Message Enhancements: More Control and Accessibility

Audio messages in iOS 17 receive significant enhancements. You can now pause and continue recording audio messages, giving you more control over your voice messages. Additionally, you can play received audio messages at 2x speed, making it quicker to catch up on voice messages and view transcriptions to ensure you don’t miss any details.

Location Sharing: Seamless Sharing and Requesting

iOS 17’s Messages app now allows you to share or request locations directly from within your conversations. This feature streamlines the process of coordinating meetups or sharing your whereabouts with friends and family.

Live Location: Real-time Location at Your Fingertips

You can view the real-time locations of your friends at the top of your conversation. This feature adds a new layer of convenience to coordinating plans and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

One-time Verification Code Cleanup: Simplified Security

iOS 17 automatically removes one-time verification codes from your keyboard’s autofill after you’ve used them. This small but significant enhancement reduces clutter and ensures a cleaner and more organized user experience.

Apple Cash Recurring Payments: Effortless Financial Management

For users who rely on Apple Cash for payments, iOS 17 introduces the ability to set up recurring payments for allowances, rent, and more. This feature simplifies financial management and ensures your financial commitments are met promptly.

iMessage Features in MMS Groups: Enhanced Communication

MMS groups now support more iMessage features. This expansion allows you to enjoy the full range of iMessage capabilities within group chats, enhancing your communication experience.

Messages in iCloud Improvements: Seamless Syncing Across Devices

iOS 17 improves the syncing of Message settings across your Apple devices. This means that your preferences and settings will seamlessly carry over from one device to another, ensuring a consistent and hassle-free messaging experience.

If you are interested, here is a comprehensive guide on How to Upgrade to iCloud+ – The Ultimate Guide for iOS Users.

Dual SIM Message Sorting: Organize Your Conversations

With the ability to sort messages by SIM in iOS 17, you can keep your conversations organized and easily differentiate between messages received on different SIM cards. This feature caters to users with dual SIM setups, enhancing their messaging experience.

iOS 17 FaceTime: Enhanced Video and Audio Calls

Leave a Message: Stay Connected, Even When Unanswered

With iOS 17, you can now leave video or audio messages when FaceTime calls go unanswered. This feature keeps you connected even when your contact can’t answer the call, ensuring that you can convey your message or share a moment regardless of the response.

Contact Posters: Personalize Your FaceTime Audio Calls

FaceTime Audio calls become more personal with iOS 17’s Contact Posters. This feature allows you to customize how you’re represented during FaceTime Audio calls by sharing a poster with your contacts. Express yourself and make your audio calls more memorable.

Name and Photo Sharing: Choose Your Presentation

iOS 17 enhances your control over your representation during calls. You can now choose to share your name and photo with your contacts, providing a more personalized and dynamic calling experience.

Updated Share Menu: Collaborate with Ease

iOS 17 introduces an updated Share menu during FaceTime calls, making collaboration and sharing content a breeze. This feature simplifies the process of sharing documents, links, or other content while on a call.

Silence Unknown Callers: Streamlined Call Management

Now you can opt to enable the “Silence Unknown Callers” feature, which automatically declines calls from numbers that are not in your contacts. This enhancement minimizes disruptions and improves your overall calling experience.

Reactions and Gestures: Express with Visual Effects

FaceTime takes expressions to the next level with the addition of screen effects. You can now add effects such as balloons, confetti, and more to your calls, allowing you to express yourself visually and enhance the fun of your conversations.

iOS 17 StandBy: Elevate Your Charging Experience

StandBy: A Full-screen Charging Experience

With the latest update, StandBy provides a full-screen experience when your iPhone is charging on its side. This feature not only ensures your device is charged efficiently but also serves as an informative and engaging display while your device is not in use.

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Clocks: Personalize Your Display

With StandBy, you have the freedom to choose from five different clock styles, enabling you to personalize your device’s display to your liking. Additionally, you can customize accents, adding a unique touch to your StandBy screen.

Photos: Showcase Your Best Moments

StandBy allows you to showcase your best photos directly on your charging screen. This feature turns your charging experience into a nostalgic journey through your cherished memories.

Widgets: Quick Access to Information

Widgets on the StandBy screen provide you with at-a-glance information and quick access to essential features. This integration ensures you stay informed and connected even while your device is charging.

Personalization: Make StandBy Your Own

iOS 17’s StandBy screen is all about personalization. You can customize accent colors and widgets, tailoring the experience to your preferences and ensuring that your StandBy screen reflects your style.

Live Activities: Real-time Updates

The StandBy screen keeps you engaged with real-time updates on timers, games, or music controls. This feature ensures that you’re always in the know, even when your device is idle.

Siri: Rich Visual Results in StandBy

Siri in iOS 17 takes on a new dimension with rich visual results that are easily viewable on the StandBy screen. Whether you need to check the weather, get quick information, or stay updated on your favorite sports team’s score, Siri provides a visually enhanced experience.

Notifications: Larger and More Informative

Notifications in iOS 17’s StandBy screen are now full-screen, with larger text and icons. This redesign enhances visibility and ensures that you don’t miss important alerts.

Incoming Calls: Contact Posters in Landscape

In iOS 17, incoming calls are displayed as Contact Posters when your device is in landscape mode on the StandBy screen. This dynamic representation adds a personal touch to your calls and makes them more engaging.

Nudge to Wake: A Tap Away from StandBy

With the “Nudge to Wake” feature, activating the StandBy screen is as easy as giving your device a gentle tap or nudge. This convenience ensures that you can access the StandBy screen effortlessly.

Always-On: Available on iPhone 14 Pro

For users of the iPhone 14 Pro, iOS 17 introduces the “Always-On” option for the StandBy screen. This feature keeps StandBy visible at all times, providing constant access to the information and functionality it offers.

Night Mode: Adaptation to Low Light

StandBy in iOS 17 adjusts to low light conditions with the Night Mode feature. This adaptation ensures that the screen is easy on your eyes, whether it’s day or night.

Motion to Wake: Responds to Movement

iOS 17’s StandBy screen is designed to respond to motion, making it even more interactive. A simple movement can activate StandBy, allowing you to access information and features with ease.

Preferred View per MagSafe Charger: Convenience at Charging

With the “Preferred View per MagSafe Charger” feature, iOS 17 remembers your preferred view for different charging locations, ensuring that your StandBy screen is optimized for your convenience.

iOS 17 Widgets: Interactive and Versatile

Interactive Widgets: Actionable Information

iOS 17 takes widgets to the next level with interactive widgets on the Home and Lock screens. These widgets allow you to take actions directly from the widget itself, reducing the need to open the associated app for certain tasks.

Undo on Home Screen: A Second Chance for Widget Placement

In iOS 17, you can now undo widget placements on the Home screen by shaking your device or using a three-finger tap. This feature provides more flexibility and control in organizing your Home screen.

iPhone Widgets on Mac: Seamless Integration

With iOS 17, you can use iPhone widgets on your Mac. This seamless integration enhances cross-device compatibility, ensuring that you can access essential information from your iPhone on your Mac.

Photos Album Widget: Personalized Photo Displays

The Photos Album widget allows you to display photos from specific albums on your Home screen. This feature lets you create a personalized visual experience and cherish your favorite memories.

Music Widget: Control Playback and Discover Music

The Music widget provides comprehensive control over music playback, including options to play, pause, skip tracks, and adjust volume. Additionally, you can explore top charts and music recommendations directly from the widget.

Podcasts Widget: Convenient Podcast Management

The Podcasts widget makes managing your podcasts a breeze. You can play or pause podcast episodes, view episode progress, and quickly access your favorite shows from the widget.

Safari Widget: Quick Access to Reading List

The Safari widget in iOS 17 offers quick access to your reading list, making it convenient to revisit articles and content that you’ve saved for later.

Home Widget: Easy Access to Home Controls

The Home widget in iOS 17 provides quick and convenient access to your home controls, allowing you to manage smart devices and create a more connected and efficient living environment.

Contacts Widget: Stay Connected with Ease

With the Contacts widget, you can view locations, messages, and shared photos of your contacts directly from the widget. This feature simplifies communication and keeps you up to date with your important connections.

Books Widget: Control Your Audiobooks

The Books widget allows you to play or pause your audiobooks directly from the widget. This convenience ensures that you can seamlessly enjoy your favorite audiobooks.

News Widget: Stay Informed

The News widget in iOS 17 enhances your news consumption experience by allowing you to play or pause podcasts and News+ audio stories directly from the widget. This feature keeps you informed and up to date on the latest news.

iOS 17 AirDrop: Seamless Sharing and Collaboration

NameDrop: Instant Contact Sharing

iOS 17 introduces NameDrop, a feature that simplifies the exchange of contact information. You can instantly share phone numbers or email addresses by bringing your iPhones or Apple Watches close together. This seamless process enhances networking and contact sharing.

New AirDrop Initiation: Effortless Content Sharing

iOS 17 offers a new AirDrop initiation method, allowing you to share content or start SharePlay by bringing your devices close together. This enhancement streamlines the process of sharing files, links, or content and makes collaboration more efficient.

Continue over the Internet: Persistent AirDrop Transfers

In iOS 17, AirDrop transfers persist even when devices are out of range. This feature ensures that your files and content continue to transfer seamlessly, even if you move out of proximity.

iOS 17 Journal: Capturing Your Experiences

Journal App: Preserve Your Memories with Ease

The Journal app in iOS 17 is designed for capturing and preserving your memories. This feature allows you to write about your experiences and create a personal journal with personalized suggestions and writing prompts.

Journaling Suggestions: Personalized Prompts

The iOS 17 Journal app provides personalized prompts based on your data, making it easier to start writing and document your experiences. These prompts offer inspiration and guidance for your journaling.

Writing Prompts: Thought-provoking Starters

Easily kickstart your journaling with thought-provoking writing prompts in iOS 17. This feature ensures that you never run out of ideas and helps you maintain a consistent journaling practice.

Save to Journal: Capture Moments on the Go

In iOS 17, you can save suggested moments for later writing. This feature ensures that you never miss a memory and can quickly capture experiences as they happen.

Find and Filter: Easily Locate Entries

The iOS 17 Journal app allows you to filter entries based on various criteria, making it easy to find and revisit specific moments and memories in your journal.

Bookmark Entries: Quick Access to Important Memories

In iOS 17, you can bookmark entries in your journal, ensuring that you can quickly locate and revisit your most important and cherished memories.

Filter Entries: Organize with Ease

The ability to filter entries by photos, videos, places, or bookmarked content in iOS 17 allows you to keep your journal organized and easily accessible.

Share Sheet: Add Music, Podcasts, and Thoughts

The Share Sheet in iOS 17’s Journal app makes it easy to add music, podcasts, and thoughts about articles to your journal. This feature enhances the depth and richness of your journal entries.

Notifications: Prompting Your Journaling Journey

With iOS 17, you’ll receive prompts to journal about new moments and experiences. These notifications encourage you to continue documenting your life and memories.

Journaling Schedule: Set a Routine

The Journal app in iOS 17 allows you to set a daily journaling schedule, ensuring that you maintain a consistent practice of capturing your experiences and thoughts.

Security and Privacy: Protecting Your Memories

The Journal app in iOS 17 prioritizes security and privacy with end-to-end encryption and a journal lock. Your memories and personal entries remain private and secure, accessible only to you.

iOS 17 Keyboard: Enhanced Typing Experience

Inline Predictive Text: Real-time Suggestions

iOS 17’s keyboard introduces inline predictive text, which offers single and multi-word predictions directly in the text field. This feature speeds up your typing and ensures that you’re always one step ahead in your communication.

Improved Autocorrect Accuracy: Enhanced Language Support

Autocorrect in iOS 17 is more accurate and reliable in multiple languages. This improvement minimizes typing errors and enhances the overall quality of your written communication.

Autocorrect Editing: Easy Reversion

iOS 17’s keyboard makes it easier to correct your text with the introduction of autocorrected word underlining. This allows for quick and easy reversion to your original input, ensuring that your messages are error-free.

Space bar predictions: Effortless Sentence Completion

You can quickly complete sentences in iOS 17 by tapping the Space bar. This feature streamlines your typing, making it more efficient and convenient.

Spotlight Improvements: Quick Access to Information

Settings in Top Hits: Faster Access to Essential Features

Spotlight in iOS 17 offers a range of settings toggles, including “Airplane Mode,” “Wi-Fi,” and “Dark Mode,” in the Top Hit results. This enhancement ensures that you can quickly access essential features and settings from Spotlight.

Data Detector Quick Actions: Instant Actions from Search

Spotlight in iOS 17 offers quick actions for phone numbers, email addresses, dates, and times entered into the search bar. This streamlines the process of acting on detected data, improving your efficiency.

Visual Look Up: Expanded Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Expanded Domains: Wider Information Access

Visual Look Up in iOS 17 has expanded domains, allowing it to identify and provide information about various items. This includes food, store locations on maps, and symbols on items like laundry tags, providing you with richer and more extensive knowledge.

Lift Multiple Subjects: Enhanced Object Interaction

With iOS 17, you can extract and place multiple subjects from photos and videos into apps like Messages. This feature improves your object interaction and creative expression in your conversations.

Health: Caring for Your Well-being

New Look for Favorites: Enhanced Information Visibility

The Favorites section in the Health app now offers rich chart previews in iOS 17, providing a more visual and informative representation of your health data. This feature ensures that you have a clear understanding of your health and wellness trends.

Follow-up Medication Reminders: Stay on Top of Your Health

iOS 17 introduces follow-up medication reminders. These reminders help you stay on track with your scheduled medications, vitamins, or supplements by offering critical alerts, ensuring you never miss an important dose.

State of Mind Reflection: Emotional Awareness

With iOS 17, you can log your emotions and daily mood, increasing emotional awareness and overall well-being. This feature helps you maintain a deeper connection with your emotional state.

State of Mind Insights: Understanding Your Emotions

iOS 17 offers insights into your emotional state and the factors affecting it with interactive charts. This feature promotes self-awareness and helps you identify patterns in your mood and emotional well-being.

Mental Health Assessments: Know Your Risk

In iOS 17, you can take mental health assessments to understand your risk for depression and anxiety. This feature offers valuable insights and supports your mental well-being.

Mental Health Education: Access to Resources

iOS 17 provides access to articles that can help improve mental health and offers localized resources for mental well-being. This feature ensures that you have the information and support you need to care for your mental health.

Screen Distance: Reducing Myopia Risk

For children and users concerned about myopia, iOS 17 encourages increasing the distance at which you view devices. This feature helps reduce the risk of myopia by promoting healthier screen habits.

Time in Daylight: A Balanced Lifestyle

iOS 17 allows you to measure and view the time spent outdoors in daylight, reducing the risk of myopia. This feature promotes a more balanced and healthier lifestyle.

Communication Safety: Protecting Sensitive Content

Sensitive Content Warning: Privacy and Protection

In iOS 17, you have the option to enable a sensitive content warning, which blurs photos and videos containing nudity. This feature offers an extra layer of privacy and protection when viewing sensitive content.

Expanding Protections for Children: Enhanced Safety

iOS 17 enhances child protection features in iCloud families. This includes improvements in AirDrop, the Photo picker, the Phone app, and FaceTime video messages. These measures aim to create a safer digital environment for children.

Privacy and Security: Control and Protection

iOS 17 introduces improved privacy prompts for photos, add-only Calendar permission, and link tracking protection. These measures provide better control over your data and ensure that your privacy is safeguarded.

Accessibility: Inclusivity and Empowerment

Assistive Access: Cognitive Accessibility

Assistive Access is a cognitive accessibility feature in iOS 17 that offers large text, visual alternatives to text, and focused choices for various apps. This feature ensures that individuals with varying cognitive needs can interact with their devices effectively.

Personal Voice: A Speech Accessibility Tool

iOS 17 introduces Personal Voice, a speech accessibility tool designed for individuals at risk of losing their voice. This feature allows you to type what you want to say and have it spoken out loud, empowering those with speech difficulties.

Live Speech: Real-time Speech Output

In iOS 17, you can type text, and it will be spoken out loud in real time. This feature is especially valuable for those who rely on speech assistance and text-to-speech technology.

Point and Speak in Magnifier Detection Mode: Precise Text Reading

iOS 17 offers the “Point and Speak” feature in Magnifier Detection Mode. This feature allows you to read only the text you point to, ensuring precise and efficient text consumption.

Text Detection in Magnifier Detection Mode: Comprehensive Text Reading

The text detection feature in Magnifier Detection Mode in iOS 17 allows you to read all visible text in the camera’s field of view. This feature caters to users with vision impairments, enhancing their ability to interact with their devices.

Voice Control Guide: Step-by-step Tutorials

iOS 17 provides step-by-step tutorials for using Voice Control, ensuring that users can effectively navigate their devices and access features. This feature supports accessibility and empowers individuals with various needs.

Phonetic Corrections for Text Editing in Voice Control: Enhanced Usability

For those who rely on Voice Control, iOS 17 offers phonetic corrections for text editing. This feature enhances the usability and effectiveness of voice-controlled text input.

Siri Voice Improvements for VoiceOver: Enhanced Accessibility

Siri voices in iOS 17 have been improved at high rates of speech feedback. These enhancements make Siri more accessible to VoiceOver users and ensure a seamless and efficient voice-controlled experience.

Memoji: Enhanced Expressiveness

More Stickers: Expanding Your Memoji Toolkit

Memoji in iOS 17 introduces three additional stickers, expanding your Memoji toolkit and allowing for more expressive and creative communication.

Reminders: Organizing Your Tasks

Grocery Lists: Intelligently Organized Items

With iOS 17, Reminders now automatically group related items into sections as you add them. This feature streamlines the process of creating and managing grocery lists, making shopping more efficient.

Early Reminder: Stay Ahead of Your Tasks

iOS 17 allows you to specify a time to get notified before a reminder is due. This feature ensures that you stay ahead of your tasks and never miss an important deadline.

Suggested Reminders: Rapid Task Creation

With iOS 17, you can quickly recreate completed reminders using the suggested reminders feature. This enhancement promotes task organization and makes task management more intuitive.

Sections: Organize with Headers

iOS 17’s Reminders app allows you to organize your tasks with headers, ensuring that you can categorize and structure your tasks for better visualization and prioritization.

Column View: Visual Task Management

In iOS 17, you can organize your sections in columns in the Reminders app. This feature improves visual task management and enhances your overall task organization.

Complete from widget: Effortless Task Management

The iOS 17 Reminders app allows you to complete reminders directly from the widget, making it easier to stay on top of your tasks and commitments.

Notes: Enhanced Note-taking

Inline PDFs and Document Scans: Comprehensive Display

PDFs and scans are displayed full-width in notes in iOS 17, ensuring a comprehensive and immersive viewing experience. This feature enhances your ability to engage with documents within your notes.

Linked Notes: Seamless Navigation

With iOS 17, you can create links to other notes, allowing you to connect information across your notes and navigate your notes with ease. This feature enhances your note-taking and organization.

Block Quote: Distinct Text Formatting

iOS 17 introduces block quote formatting for text in the Notes app. This feature makes it easier to emphasize and structure your notes effectively.

Monostyled Text: Enhanced Monospaced Formatting

Monospaced formatting is updated to Monostyled in iOS 17, ensuring a consistent and stylish appearance for your monospaced text in notes.

Open in Pages: Streamlined Document Creation

In iOS 17, you can easily create a Pages document from a note. This feature streamlines document creation and enhances your ability to transform your notes into fully formatted documents.


In this comprehensive exploration of iOS 17, we’ve delved into the multitude of new features and enhancements that this update brings to iPhone users. From improved phone features to revamped messaging and FaceTime experiences, iOS 17 is a game-changer. We’ve also addressed common issues and provided solutions to ensure your iOS 17 experience is smooth and trouble-free.

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